TMAP®: Quality Engineering for SAP Certification

What is TMAP®: Quality Engineering for SAP Certification ?

The TMAP®: Quality Engineering for SAP takes the participants through the Quality Engineering challenge of how best to test an SAP project. It includes an exploration of the key stakeholders in SAP environments and their pivotal roles. Additionally, practical testing techniques for mitigating SAP project risks will be introduced, with guidance on their integration into a comprehensive SAP Test Plan to ensure thorough testing and successful project outcomes. To identify SAP business process risks, the participants are introduced in the SAP Quality Risk Analysis, which is the heart of many SAP Quality Engineering activities.

Quality Engineering & Testing
Business Value and VOICE Model
IT Delivery Models
Test Design
Test Plan & Quality Gates
Stakeholder Management & ARCI SAP End-to-End Testing
Quality Risk Analysis & Test Strategy
Test Data (Management) in SAP SAP Authorizations Managed with Role-Based Permissions
Organization Change Management
SAP Test Automation & Tooling
Test Execution & Anomaly Management

How can I obtain this certification?

To be certified, you must pass the TMAP®: Quality Engineering for SAP
Certification exam. More about the certification exam.

Certification and exam Certification

All training course participants will receive a certification of attendance and will prepare for taking the certification exam.

TMAP®: Quality Engineering for SAP Certification

The certification exam is provided by the independent exam provider iSQI. This is a 1-hour exam with 25 questions.

Target Audience

This certification is intended for key users, business users, operations, and maintenance teams. These are the people who often are involved in testing and implementing new or changed versions of SAP systems and who are involved in the acceptance process. The candidates are expected to have basic IT knowledge and experience, and average SAP knowledge and experience.

Required Knowledge

No specific requirements or pre-certifications are needed. Candidates are expected to have basic IT knowledge and experience, along with average SAP knowledge and experience. Attending a training session at a recognized Training Partner is highly recommended.

Find an accredited training provider.

About TMAP®

In today’s IT world cross-functional teams are expected to deliver business value with the right quality at speed. TMAP® supports this new way of working towards built-in quality, which goes beyond just testing.

Performing QA & testing activities in an organization requires a wide variety of knowledge and skills. This certification enables professionals to perform these operational activities.

This module content is based on the book “Quality for DevOps Teams”  and the TMAP body of knowledge on

Training Course

To get ready for the TMAP®: Quality Engineering for SAP Certification, you can take the training course with a recognized training provider. Find an accredited training provider for TMAP®: Quality Engineering for SAP!

The training course equips teams with essential knowledge and skills to establish quality ownership. It focuses on the unique challenges of testing SAP projects, and tailored TMAP® topics deepened for SAP. The certification covers SAP project fundamentals, and stakeholder roles, and provides an internationally recognized qualification for high-performance quality engineering in the SAP environment.

You can now register for the TMAP®: Quality Engineering for SAP Training Course with any of our Accredited Training Providers.


Download the comprehensive training course syllabus and the content details of the exam

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