TMAP® - Quality for Cross-Functional Teams Certification

What is TMAP® – Quality for Cross-Functional Teams Certification?

TMAP® Quality for Cross-Functional Teams provides the required knowledge and skills that are important for building quality in IT systems and gaining confidence that the pursued business value can be achieved. The certification attests to the participants’ knowledge and practical experience on the following QA & testing subjects (amongst others):

The VOICE model for achieving business value in IT delivery
IT delivery models, emphasizing DevOps Cross-functional teams and the principles of continuous quality engineering
The whole-team approach and its significance for both Dev and Ops
Continuous everything, including test automation and CI/CD pipeline
Total cost of quality considerations Indicators, reporting mechanisms, and effective alerting
Quality measures for a comprehensive evaluation
Personal, interpersonal, and team skills development
Diverse test varieties, such as performance, usability, and security testing
Experience-based testing methodologies, including exploratory and mob testing
Test design principles, covering boundary value analysis, path coverage, condition-oriented testing, code coverage, and mutation testing
QA & testing topics like reviewing and pull requests, along with continuous improvement strategies

How can I obtain this certification?

To be certified, you must pass the TMAP® High-performance Quality Engineering certification exam. 

All training course participants will receive a certification of attendance and will prepare for taking the certification exam.

The certification exam is provided by the independent exam provider iSQI – here. This is a 1-hour exam with 30 questions.

Target Audience

TMAP® Quality for Cross-Functional certification is for all people working in or with high-performance IT delivery teams (such as DevOps and Scrum). Relevant roles include business analysts, product owners, developers, operations people, quality engineers, testers, users, scrum masters, agile coaches, release train engineers, etc.

Required Knowledge

For this certification, basic knowledge of information technology, working in teams, and an Agile way of working is required. There are no specific certifications required.


About TMAP®

In today’s IT world cross-functional teams are expected to deliver business value with the right quality at speed. TMAP® supports this new way of working towards built-in quality, which goes beyond just testing.

Performing QA & testing activities in an organization requires a wide variety of knowledge and skills.
This certification enables professionals to perform these operational activities.

This module content is based on the book “Quality for DevOps Teams” and the TMAP body of knowledge on

Training Course

To get ready for the TMAP® Quality for Cross-Functional Teams Certification, you can take the training course with a recognized training provider. Find an accredited training provider for TMAP® Quality for Cross-Functional Teams!

The training course lets participants get experience on these subjects through short introductions followed by relevant exercises and leaves ample room for sharing experiences by all participants. During the course, the participants der for will also practice exam questions.

You can now register for the TMAP® Quality for Cross-Functional Teams Course with any of our Accredited Training Providers.


Download the comprehensive training course syllabus and the content details of the exam

Module Summary