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TMAP:Quality for cross-functional teams is for ALL people in a team, because quality and testing is a joint responsibility.

TMAP:High-performance quality engineering is for people with an engineering role, such as programmers, testers, operations people and more.

TMAP:Organizing built-in quality at scale is for people involved in orchestrating, arranging, planning and organizing of the IT delivery process, especially in large organizations.

The first TMAP book (“Testing according to TMap”) was published in 1995. Since then more then 10 other books in the TMAP body of knowledge were written. The book “Quality for DevOps teams” is the latest book, presented in 2020. With this book the whole TMAP body of knowledge was revised. So TMAP is something new, built on over 25 years of experience 😊

No, the TMAP body of knowledge is for all IT delivery models. The TMAP certification scheme focuses on IT delivery with an Agile mindset, such as in Scrum, DevOps and Agile at scale.

TMAP started in 1995 and was one of the cornerstones for the initial ISTQB curriculum and glossary. TMAP has now well integrated Scrum and DevOps in the TMAP body of knowledge for quality engineering. TMAP can be seen as an additional certification to ISTQB and TMAP can also be used independently.

Quality is the responsibility of all members of an IT delivery team. TMAP supports developers in creating unit tests (with code coverage and mutation testing) but also in doing refinements, pull requests and in applying many other quality measures.


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