Now available: 3rd edition of the TMAP book “Quality for DevOps teams”

Now available: 3rd edition of the TMAP book “Quality for DevOps teams”

The TMAP book “Quality for DevOps teams,” which represents foundations for the TMAP certification, was presented in March 2020. During almost 2 years of use, the authors responded to feedback for improvement. In the summer of 2021, the second edition with minor updates was published. It was available only as an ePub. The third edition, “Quality for DevOps teams,” was issued in the autumn of 2022. Available both in ePub and as a hardcover version, printed on FSC-certified sustainable paper. Apart from minor improvements and additions and fixes for faults, this edition contains various new subjects, for example:

  • Software Bill of Materials is an important subject to improve the maintainability, and especially reusability of all components of IT systems
  • Code maintenance keeps the initial philosophy of the architecture of the IT system alive during maintenance to make sure the code stays maintainable throughout its lifetime
  • Quality Engineering Strategy is an extension of the test strategy that pays proper attention to the different kinds of quality measures to build quality in, demonstrate quality and proactively improve quality
  •  Sustainability is the new quality characteristic as a focus point of quality engineering, with sub-characteristics of environmental-, economic- and social sustainability.

People that prepare for their TMAP exams can be reassured that the 3rd edition is fully backward compatible, so all references to sections of the book from the TMAP syllabi remain the same.

Where to buy the book “Quality for DevOps teams”?

With the growing interest for the TMAP book “Quality for DevOps teams” we also get more questions about where and how to buy the book.

The primary domain where you can search for the the 3rd edition of this book is There are two versions of the book: Hardcover (paper) and electronic (ePub format).

On anyone in the world can buy the ePub. However, if you prefer the hardcover version the shipping cost on this website is 22,50 euro. For buying just one book in the Netherlands or neighboring countries, this may seem quite high. Please be aware that if you buy multiple books the shipping is still 22,50 euro. So buying more books would help make it more affordable.

The book is also available on other online bookstores. For example, is a good option in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In some countries in Europe, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden and Germany the book is available on Amazon (local websites) both as hardcover and kindle edition. Our publisher is currently investigating what can be done to make the book available at Amazon worldwide, we’ll keep you informed.

Another way to get a copy of the book is to contact your local Sogeti or Capgemini representative and ask them about the availability of the book in your country.

TMAP complements ISTQB

The chairman of the TMAP special interest group, Rik Marselis, presented the renewed TMAP certification scheme to representatives of many ISTQB member boards. This took place during the ISTQB General Assembly week, October 2022, in Marrakech (Morocco).

 ISTQB president Olivier Denoo introduced Rik and mentioned to the attendees that the TMAP body of knowledge (including the website, the book Quality for DevOps teams, and the certification training courses) has great value to today’s Agile and DevOps teams. Rik then elaborated on TMAP (with its VOICE-model, quality measures, quality engineering topics, etcetera) and explained how TMAP and ISTQB align very well. TMAP already existed when ISTQB started, and TMAP is referenced at multiple places as one of the sources for the ISTQB glossary and syllabi, which explains the alignment between them.

 For testers and other members of IT delivery teams, TMAP brings additional knowledge and skills, for example, about working in an Agile or DevOps culture, some specific test design techniques (for example, path testing), and the many templates of, that can very well be used in an ISTQB context. Where ISTQB gives testing knowledge to members of an Agile/DevOps team, TMAP brings them additional skills and knowledge related to quality engineering in a broad sense. Many board-members were very interested, and iSQI is already in touch with several boards about extending TMAP certification to new countries so that even more people can benefit from the TMAP body of knowledge to complement their ISTQB qualifications.

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