New version of the TMAP training materials

The number of participants in training courses of the TMAP certification scheme is steadily growing. More and more people participate in these training courses to prepare for their exams. Since people involved in TMAP are aware of the value of quality, they give feedback on how to further improve the TMAP training courses. Based on these suggestions, all three training courses – TMAP: Quality for cross-functional teams, TMAP: High-performance quality engineering, and TMAP: Organizing built-in quality at scale, have been revised. Most changes are minor fixes of typos, improved animations, and clarified texts. Some additional slides were added. The learning objectives were not changed, so people that are preparing for their exam and still have training material from the previous version should not worry. 

All training courses have now got version number 1.3. (In case you wonder what happened to previous version numbers, there were different numbers for different training courses, to make it easy we have raised the number to 1.3 for all of them).

Accredited training providers who signed a licensing agreement with iSQI will be informed how to get the latest version of training material.



TMAP book “Quality for DevOps teams” – updated and improved 

The authors of the TMAP book “Quality for DevOps teams” have collected various improvement suggestions since the launch of the book in 2020. In the autumn of 2022 the third edition of the book will be available, both in a hardcover (paper) version and in ePub format.

This third edition does not just contain “bugfixes” (like the 2nd edition did) but also has new contents. For example: assuring the maintainability of code (for programmers and unit testers), the quality engineering strategy (as a further development of the test strategy) and the new quality characteristic “sustainability” were added.

The changes and additions to the book do NOT have impact on the learning objectives of the TMAP training courses. There will not be a free upgrade for people that already own a book. The 3rd edition of Quality for DevOps teams will be available in October 2022. 

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